Greeley H.O.G.® Chapter #1462

Greeley H.O.G.® Chapter #1462

About Our H.O.G.®

If you're a national HOG member then you're eligible to join our local chapter.  How do you become a national HOG member?  All new Harley-Davidson bike purchasers are automatically enrolled in 1 year of the national HOG club for free.  For each year after the first, you must renew your national HOG membership.  It is possible to get a lifetime membership to the national HOG club.  Inquire on how to become a lifetime HOG member HERE 

For a price of $650, you can join the national HOG club for life.  There are other options for a one, two, and three-year renewal if you don't want to spend the money on a lifetime membership.  

Welcome to Greeley Harley-Davidson® Owners Group 1462!

With Greeley Harley-Davidson® being our sponsoring dealership, we are simply a group of fun-loving people that happen to ride Harley-Davidson Motorcycles. What do we do?  We ride Harley's and have fun! As National HOG® states: "If you are not riding and having fun, then why are you doing it?"  We have over 100 members and we are always looking to grow. 

How do I join you ask?  

Go to Greeley Harley-Davidson and ask for Charlie or Ryan.  They will show you the HOG corner of the shop and get you an application.  From there you fill out your information and we'll submit it to the HOG club for review.  

Please Email us at: 

Jamie Dennehy, Director, HOG® 1462